Using Shampoos for Hair Loss

Hair loss happens for a lot of different reasons, and shampoos for hair loss are often the first things that many people reach for. Shampoos might be able to help impact hair loss a little bit, but, by their very nature, they are generally not the most effective means of treating this condition. Shampoos are generally intended to clean the hair.

As a result, they have a lot of grease-fighters and other cleaning agents, and are meant to go on hair, be lathered up, and then rinsed off quickly. This means that, unlike conditioning masks or leave-in treatments, they have a very limited window during which they can work on hair. If shampoos sit on hair for too long, they can actually end up irritating the scalp. If they are rinsed off too quickly, then their ingredients probably wont be able to make much of a difference. Some shampoos can help keep hair follicles clear, which allows hair to grow properly, but this doesnt necessarily mean that they will actually stimulate growth.

The other issue with using shampoos for hair loss lies in the fact that most of what actually causes hair loss has to do with the scalp, more so than hair itself. Therefore, for a treatment to really impact scalp health, it has to be able to reach it. Shampoos are generally squirted on to hair and massaged around, so how much product actually reaches the scalp is debatable. For this reason, shampoos are good for keeping hair conditioned and clean, but they might not really be able to make much of a difference when it comes to actual hair growth.

This isnt to say that shampoos are completely useless, however. They can be useful as an addition to other hair regrowth products, like leave in conditioners, or even scalp treatments. The fact of the matter is, though, that things that have more of an effect on the scalp tend to be better at promoting hair growth. Scalp massages can stimulate hair follicles, treatments can encourage more blood flow to the area, and leave in conditioners can help existing hair healthy, strong, and resistant to breakage.

Some treatments can be bought over the counter from any beauty supply shop or pharmacy, while others can even be made at home. There are recipes all over the internet for making hair masks for a variety of reasons- whether your hair is oily, dry, frizzy, or falling out, there is a hair treatment recipe that can help you. So, are hair loss shampoos worth it? For very mild hair loss, or people who are simply trying to avoid hair loss, these shampoos might provide some benefit. For those who are already noticing significant hair loss, however, shampoos are probably not enough to really keep hair loss from occurring. In these cases, the combination of a hair loss prevention scalp treatment and shampoos for hair loss can have a much better impact on preventing baldness and helping hair regrow.