Panic Attack Treatments

Panic attacks maybe are no longer a rarity as many people all over the world suffer from the attacks day after day. The racing heart, the bad head ache, the sweaty palms and the fear of death are not a good thing one people should have. Now the big question everyone asking is “Is there a panic attacks treatment available?”

Before we get to the treatment available, let’s do a quick review what cause panic attacks to happen. It is crucial to find out the right cause before we can begin the anxiety attack treatment.

There are many different reasons that could trigger panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, chemical imbalances, social phobias, depression, thyroid imbalances, borderline personality and many more.

Prescription Anxiety Disorder Treatment

TCA (tricyclic antidepressants), the drugs usually taken on a daily base to prevent panic attacks. It is a quite effective drugs for reducing the symptoms of anxiety disorder, but the side effects are also quite dangerous. A lot of people having trouble tolerating this type of drugs.

SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressants), this type of drugs is also a choice to cure panic disorder. Works well in preventing panic disorder and has a fewer side effects compare to TCA.

Benzodiazepines, this class of drugs are commonly used for treating anxiety and also help people to relax. You should have your doctor supervise closely when you choose to take TCA.

Natural Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Control your eating pattern, stop eating junk food and start eating organic stuff. Vegetables, nuts, and fruits that are oil-free on of the best cures for panic attacks.

Stop consuming alcohol and caffeine, it will only worsen panic attacks.

Try to think positively, when you have panic attacks, usually you are bound to think negative. If you are drawned to that feeling, you will only make it worse. Tell yourself that it is only a panic attacks and say “STOP! Its just a panic attack, not a big deal”. Believe that you are strong and you will get through this. Exercise regularly, routine exercise also help you prevent panic attacks. A healthy body is also a healthy mind.

Meditation or breathing techniques, the main objective to do this is to calm your mind. Once you learn to control your mind, you know what to do when the attacks occur.

Natural way is still the best treatment to stop panic attacks, it may take a little bit of time, but please consider the side effects that prescription drugs usually have.