Healthy Eating to Prevent Gout Symptoms

Gout is a health condition characterized by severe joint pain usually in the toe. This pain is usually severe and lasts for a few hours or if left untreated, for a few days. Initially doctors will treat gout with prescription medications and wait to see if the symptoms subside. To be well informed about gout is one of the ways to manage this condition with timely treatment and healthy lifestyle changes.

Along with the medications, doctors may also suggest certain lifestyle changes to prevent gout flares. This painful form of arthritis is associated with overindulgence in alcohol, seafood and meat. Diet control is therefore imperative to prevent any gout attacks.

Solution includes overall management of the condition with healthy eating plan, keeping chronic diseases at bay and healthy weight maintenance. Cause of gout is the formation of crystals of uric acid around the joint. This happens when the level of uric acid increases in the blood due to over-production of purines, a chemical in the blood. Though purines occur naturally in the blood, they are formed in excess due to intake of certain foods like herring, anchovies, organ meats, mushrooms and asparagus.

Gout diet

A well-planned gout diet includes foods that do not produce purine in excess which in turn ensures that there is no over production of uric acid. Gout diet also limits intake of beer and other alcoholic drinks that are linked to attacks. Though doctors may prescribe weight loss for the obese, it is not recommended to lose weight abruptly through fasting. Especially high protein diet plans must be avoided.

Following a healthy lifestyle is very important to minimize risk of gout attacks. Apart from avoiding alcohol, exercising regularly and following a balanced diet plan, it is necessary to drink plenty of fluids, especially water.

Sites give users valuable information on gout and how to cure this condition with medications and natural remedies. If you suffer from joint pain especially in the toe, you can go through this wonderful site for information on how to manage this condition, take proper treatment on time and make essential lifestyle changes.