Best Kidney Stones Home Treatment

The search for kidney stones home treatment is a very common occurrence. One in every ten people will develop kidney stones at some point in their lives. This is a staggering number that translates to millions of people around the world affected with kidney stones, each of them relentlessly looking for cures and remedies just to last them through the night.

Over the counter medicines can be very expensive and hard to obtain. It is for this reason that kidney stones natural treatment has started gaining popularity. If youre looking for some of the best ways to help you relieve the pain, read on for some tips.

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Using only water and vinegar, create a hot vinegar compress to relax tensed muscles and alleviate pain. This will loosen up your tense muscles and make it a lot easier to pass the stones.

Turn to herbs for the best home treatment for kidney stones.

Herbs are extremely powerful in helping your body dissolve the hardened deposits. Try infusing a number of well known herbs in water for long lasting relief. Steep cleavers, bearberry and corn silk in boiling water and consume three times a day.

A good kidney stones treatment at home is binging on water.

Water does wonderfully in cleansing your kidneys and urinary track from bacteria. It helps you pass the stones, and dissolve them as well. Drink at least six to seven glasses of water per day, and avoid anything caffeinated. Steer clear of mineral water and soda as well.

Increase your intake of magnesium.

Taking lots of magnesium prevents the growth and development of further kidney stones. As a natural treatment for kidney stones you can eat magnesium rich foods like bananas, corn, or barley, or you can take a supplement as well.

Cranberry is powerful in cleansing the kidneys of bacteria and lessening the risk of infection. Drink at least three to four glasses of fresh cranberry juice a day. Youll definitely notice a reduction in pain and a lessening of muscle spasms by using this kidney stone treatment at home.

Increase your intake of natural diureticsbut avoid coffee as much as possible. Diuretics flush out the toxins in your kidneys and encourage you to pee more. Drinking diuretics encourages your kidneys to function naturally by flushing out the sediments and deposits that are stuck inside.

With so many options for kidney stones home treatment, just try them all. In no time, youll find the best combination for your circumstances.