Ativan Vs Valium

There are millions of people down battling highly disturbing mental health disorder conditions like anxiety. Unfortunately, the numbers aren’t coming down. It increases each passing year. I am one such sufferer who afflicted of severe anxiety condition some months ago. My good luck, I was able to overcome it effectively with the right anti-anxiety medication. During the initial days of my suffering, I was under the course of therapy with ativan. It really worked well in my body and offered some extraordinary relief. However, the physician whom I was consulting recommended me to try with another anti-anxiety pill by name Diazepam. Perhaps, both the medications brought down my anxiety levels. In the ensuing lines, I wish to compare Ativan vs valium on many fronts.

What to expect from generic Ativan and generic valiaum pills?

No doubt, both these medications are highly powerful. What surprised me was the nature of relief that both these medications offered. I used to take Ativan 1mg during my initial course of therapy. Perhaps, I take the pill two times a day. Upon taking it for a week, anxiety symptoms started to subside gradually. However, I was skeptical to discontinue the course of therapy. I consulted the doctor and in turn the recommendation was to take generic valium pills for complete relief. As advised, I went ahead in taking the pill. Even this time around, I wasn’t disappointed. The relief was comprehensive as like the latter. At any cost, I advise people to take the medication for a minimum of four weeks, only the course of therapy can be effective. The one difference I observed whilst taking valium was that, the medication offered instant relief from anxiety. Symptoms started subsiding in the shortest span of time upon taking the pill. I recommend every anxiety obsessed individual to start the course of therapy with the lowest dose possible.

What are the must know facts about Ativan and valium?

  • Ativan is also identified by the name Lorazepam which indeed is its generic formulation. It came to sale in the year 1977, and made it to the list of medications needed in a health system.
  • It is reacts very rapidly in the body and hence it is considered to be ideal medication for anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Valium is otherwise known as diazepam which belongs to the benzodiazepine family of drugs
  • The anti-anxiety medication can be taken through mouth, injected into vein and muscles. Perhaps, this is the reason why this medication is more popular amongst all other anti-anxiety pills.
  • The effects are triggered within five minutes upon taking the drug. Hoffmann-La Roche is the manufacturer of the drug.

As such there are no major points of contrast when it comes to Ativan vs Valium.

Can I take Ativan and valium simultaneously for treating anxiety?

No. The course of therapy for anxiety should only be with one pill. It should either be with any one of the medication. Though both the pills are classified under the benzodiazepine family, it is strictly advised not to take the pills together, as it can cause negative health repercussions. The one possibility could be that of discontinuing the course of therapy with one pill and continuing the course with the other. In fact, even I did the same. On a comparative note, if you are an anxiety obsessed individual who is pathetically in need of instant relief better opt for valium, as it reacts slightly faster than the latter. Do not take the drug with any other liquid except water as it results in counter reaction. The effectiveness of both the medication lasts for a longer period of time in the body. I can assure that anxiety can completely be got rid of with these pills.